New Water Heater Regulations

The federal government has imposed new water heater regulations that will hit property owners in their wallet.  Starting in April 2015, all new water heaters must be anywhere from 3%-30% more energy-efficient.  To comply with these new federally … [Read more]

Renting to Handicapped Tenants

I have received a few questions about renting to handicapped tenants over the years and I thought I should address it:  "Do I need to make any special accommodations for a handicapped tenant/applicant". First, who is considered handicapped under the … [Read more]

Stupid Property Repairs #4

Here is a rather funny installation I found several years ago.  I was in South Minneapolis looking at a very nice $230k duplex. Although this property was in foreclosure, it was very well maintained with a perfectly landscaped backyard. It also had 2 … [Read more]

The Lease Deposit Refund

Many landlords take a lease deposit from a prospective tenant to hold an apartment prior to move-in. I require a deposit when there is more than 1 week before the start of the new lease. State law is very clear on how this process must be executed … [Read more]

Tenant Applicant Scam Artists

If you are a landlord, you will run into tenant applicants (and tenants for that matter) that will just lie to your face or on their tenant applicant screening.  I had another one recently, that I just felt I had to share [long story, but it will … [Read more]

New Rental Management Company

My wife likes to give me hard time about that fact that I get antsy in my work life every couple years.  This will be my 9th year in real estate, which is far longer than I held any previous corporate position.  Recently I made the decision to open … [Read more]

Renting to Friends

I know it is very common for people to rent their homes or apartments to friends.  I suspect that like most things in life, 80% of those rental relationships do just fine. I probably just here about the 20% that do not.  Here are some tips to making … [Read more]

PO Box for Rent

I am not sure where this came from or who starting teaching it.  I have heard many old-school landlords say that they use a PO Box for rent checks.  I guess the theory was that you don't want your tenants to know where you live.  I suppose in case of … [Read more]