It’s Mouse Season

I am not ashamed to admit that we had mice in our house last fall.  We got so frustrated that eventually we called my exterminator, Glenn Buggs (yup, that is his name!).  He came out and did a great job of placing poison around the building and we … [Read more]

Tracking Tenant Rent Payments

How do you track your tenant rent payments?  Are you using spreadsheets, maybe Quickbooks, or are you doing it in your head?  Every day, I am amazed by owners that have more than a few properties that don't have any system for managing rent payments … [Read more]

Repairs by Tenants

It would be great if tenants paid on time, they stayed forever and if anything broke, the tenant fixed it (and paid for it) themselves.  Unfortunately, none of those are really true!  Over the years, I have seen a few leases state that the tenant is … [Read more]

New Water Heater Regulations

The federal government has imposed new water heater regulations that will hit property owners in their wallet.  Starting in April 2015, all new water heaters must be anywhere from 3%-30% more energy-efficient.  To comply with these new federally … [Read more]

Renting to Handicapped Tenants

I have received a few questions about renting to handicapped tenants over the years and I thought I should address it:  "Do I need to make any special accommodations for a handicapped tenant/applicant". First, who is considered handicapped under the … [Read more]

Stupid Property Repairs #4

Here is a rather funny installation I found several years ago.  I was in South Minneapolis looking at a very nice $230k duplex. Although this property was in foreclosure, it was very well maintained with a perfectly landscaped backyard. It also had 2 … [Read more]