PO Box for Rent

I am not sure where this came from or who starting teaching it.  I have heard many old-school landlords say that they use a PO Box for rent checks.  I guess the theory was that you don't want your tenants to know where you live.  I suppose in case of … [Read more]

Appliance Service Plan or Not?

I have come across many examples of landlords that require, in their lease, that the tenants carry an appliance service plan on the furnace, water heater, and kitchen and laundry appliances.  In Minnesota, this is called Centerpoint Energy Service … [Read more]

Rental Scams on Craigslist

Some of you may have heard about rental scams on Craigslist before, but I thought it was worth repeating to get the word out.  I suppose it is like that old saying:  if I save one person from this scam it was worth it! Here is how it goes:  you … [Read more]

Stupid Property Repairs #3

I am naming this issue: "The Stupid Property Repair in the Pink House" Again, when looking at North Minneapolis Investment Property, (which lately seems to be the place for stupid property repairs, but I am not going down that road to figure out … [Read more]

Waiting Period after Short Sale

Fannie Mae came out with new guidelines for waiting period after short sale.  Below is the updated waiting periods after a bankruptcy, short sale, and foreclosure for all loan types.   One change was to the waiting period 4 years after a short sale … [Read more]

Short Sale vs Foreclosure

I get this question all the time, short sale vs foreclosure.  It usually goes something like this:  "Do you get a better deal with a short sale or with a foreclosure." Before I give you my answer, let's review the foreclosure time line and … [Read more]